Q: What Payment Methods do you accept?
A: We accept Credit/Debit Cards, Bitcoin, PayPal and sometimes on rare occurrence, Steam Giftcards. PayPal, Bitcoin and Steam Giftcards have to be done manually through our Community Discord Server which can be found here –

Q: Are these products lifetime?
A: Products that aren’t designated a duration time (40 Days / 1 Week for example) are lifetime Products.

Q: Can I trust you with my payment information?
A: Yes as we have chosen Stripe as our Card Payment Gateway. Everything you input is encrypted and is processed by stripe completely which means we never see your information.

Q: What are the prices listed as?
A: The prices are listed in United States Dollar as we have the most volume of customers from that region. To know how much it is in your region, you can search up the exchange rate.

Q: Do you guys accept different currencies?
A: Yes we do. We will auto-convert it so long as the amount you have matches the USD price.

Q: What platform does the software support?
A: All of our software is made specifically for PC, specifically Windows 10 although some might support Windows 11 and previous versions.

Q: Could I get support?
A: Aslong as you have purchased directly from us, you will have access to a 24 hour support team which you can access through our website live chat system or through our Discord community server.

Q: Do I have to pay when the software updates?
A: No, you won’t have to pay for every update.

Q: Are these software safe?
A: Yes, we make sure and go through extensive checks to make sure your software is safe! You might get a warning which is a false positive (Normal with such software and you can research as well).